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When will we be able to schedule our proctor u test date/time for November LSAT?

DK123456DK123456 Monthly Member

Does anyone know on which date we will be able to schedule the date and time of our November LSAT on proctoru? I don't see the date anywhere on LSAC.


  • karin.michaelkarin.michael Alum Member
    65 karma

    They usually send out an e-mail two weeks prior to the exam date! Don't stress and good luck!

  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
    1417 karma

    @DK123456 I received an email from LSAC today regarding scheduling our November exam. We can sign up for our test date and time next Thursday.

  • DK123456DK123456 Monthly Member
    129 karma

    Yep, got it today. Got to make these last few weeks count! Good luck!

  • azali624azali624 Monthly Member
    61 karma

    Thursday, October 28. Good luck!

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