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I am currently scoring around 172 with about -2 LR. People say the best way to learn is to teach, so I think if I explain my thought process in LR it will allow me finally close this gap. I could probably only be helpful for those scoring 164 and below. I'll probably be studying for a while today so feel free to stop by I'll just leave the zoom link here:


  • lawyer2021lawyer2021 Alum Member
    536 karma

    Hey, I am interesting.

  • Ashley2018Ashley2018 Monthly Member
    2063 karma

    Sorry I hung up; I thought the meeting was finished. Please post if you're ever available; any help is amazing.

  • MrkaythephilosopherMrkaythephilosopher Monthly Member
    174 karma

    @Ashley2018 Hey this is Ron from yesterday's zoom session, if you still need help understanding Q18 - (PT 81 S3) - let me know and I'd be more than happy to explain it to you!

  • Determined_Determined_ Monthly Member
    710 karma

    Hi I am interested! Thanks for offering this.

  • rglusakrglusak Monthly Member
    58 karma

    hi im interested! are you going to be on today?

  • ShuttahgawdShuttahgawd Monthly Member
    126 karma

    Would like to get on some LR help whenever possible. Please post again for your next session

  • Darien022Darien022 Alum Member
    129 karma

    Please let me know if you do this again

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