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Feeling really down and like all LSAT luck is against me

lromo012lromo012 Alum Member
in General 22 karma

Okay, kind of a long post but I am feeling super discouraged after getting October LSAT results and I'm scheduled to take the November test. I feel like I have gotten the absolute worst luck of the draw on LSATs and can't tell if I'm just being dramatic or not.

I've taken 3 LSATs so far, two of them two years ago, then focused on work until a few months ago when I decided to apply again and took the October 2021's how each one went:

September 2019: aka PT88 and flowers game, a notoriously hard LSAT, and I was okay with my score considering it was a hard test, but I knew it didn't show my potential so I decided to take the November 2019 test.

November 2019: Show up to the test and the proctors never arrive, so our entire test center gets rescheduled BUT we have to do a paper test. I had not practiced on paper at all since all the tests had moved to electronic, so I ended up scoring 4 points lower because you can't see time remaining and I just wasn't used to the timing of filling out the scantron.

October 2021: I originally sat for the test on Saturday when it was interrupted and I waited 2 hours to be told it was going to be rescheduled. The test I originally had was 2 LG sections, which is my strongsuit, and the easier RC section. When I retook the test, I got back to back RC sections with the scored section (Mali and Paternalism) being the second of the two, as well as the Duets logic game.

I got the same score as my Sep 2019 test...

I just feel like all the tests have been stacked against me and it is so frustrating when some tests feel so unfair. I have been PTing in the low 170s but have had awful luck during all of my actual LSATs. Am I just being dramatic?

How do I stay motivated when it just feels like I'll never get a fair test administration?


  • Determined_Determined_ Monthly Member
    710 karma

    I recommend you listen to


    Basically, James had a few really rough proctor situations. Eventually, he scored a great score.

    You know you're capable. Many others with the Oct test had a rough time because of ProctorU. Don't give up on what you know you're capable of.

  • lromo012lromo012 Alum Member
    22 karma

    @Determined_ thank you so much!

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