Scheduling is now available

Scheduling window seems open for November LSAT. ProctorU allows scheduling now. I was expecting it to be available at noon per LSAC's email.


  • carolinemp-1carolinemp-1 Alum Member
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    Thanks for the heads up!!

  • sss.dukesss.duke Alum Member
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    Thank you!!!

  • gremckgremck Alum Member
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    thanks dude!

  • annisoogoodannisoogood Monthly Member
    edited October 2021 20 karma

    Praying for a better test day than Oct!! Im getting loaner equipment and everything. Good luck everyone :)

  • annaemurphy279annaemurphy279 Monthly Member
    edited October 2021 99 karma

    Good luck to all of us!!

  • marlenedacruz98marlenedacruz98 Alum Member
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    Is anyone else having trouble scheduling a time and date?

  • user1234user1234 Monthly Member
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    Does anyone know if it's possible to set alerts for ProctorU if a preferred time slot opens up? Example: "send an email if a time slot between 1-3pm on Sunday becomes available?"

    I scheduled about half an hour ago but my preferred time slot / day was unavailable

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