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Consistently scoring 160mid on LSAT test day when prepping at 171-174-- Tips?

Hey all! I've taken the LSAT three times so far-- September 2020, Jan 2021, and October 2021 (After a 6 month brain break.) I've consistently seen improvement in my scores and for both the Jan and October tests I was consistently scoring between 171 and 174 on recent prep tests under exact LSAT flex conditions, and yet I scored a 166 and 167 respectively on the actual day of the test.

Anyone else struggle with something similar, and have any suggestions on ways to prep differently in the two weeks leading up to the November test? I think the Logic Games messed me up in the October test because that was the one section I studied less of this round because last year it was always the easiest section for me, so I'm refreshing my knowledge and re-memorizing hard LGs now.


  • anoonyasanoonyas Alum Member
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    Just wondering, are you using strictly 7sage material? And how often did you PT? I take mine in January and definitely want to be heading in your direction.

  • sophiapesettisophiapesetti Alum Member
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    Hey! Yep, 7sage + the LSAC preptest package. I try to PT twice a week for a month with heavy blind review.

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