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SOS: November LSAT

annafaithkimannafaithkim Core Member
in General 86 karma

Hi all! I am going through it right now trying to figure out what would be best thing to do so any advice would be welcome. I took the October LSAT and did not do as well as I had hoped. My GPA is better than the median for all of the schools that I am looking at but my LSAT score is about 4-5 points away from the median LSAT score. I am signed up for the November LSAT but I'm not sure if I can raise my score up to the 4-5 point mark... Would it be better to push it back to January and apply later or take my chances on the November LSAT and hope for the best. This would also be the 3rd LSAT I am taking. Good luck to everyone also taking the November LSAT!


  • emmorensemmorens Core Member
    1470 karma

    Definitely push it. It will take the anxiety off and allow you to actually focus on meaningful improvement, rather than cutting corners in the hopes that you get lucky!

  • giulia.pinesgiulia.pines Member
    466 karma

    This is exactly my question so thanks for asking! Just today I was pondering whether to push back my retake from November to January.

    For context, my GPA and LSAT score are much higher than the median for 4 out of the 8 schools I want to apply to, but slightly lower than the median for the other 4. Although I'd be happy with acceptances to the first 4, I really think I didn't reach my full potential on the October test (technical difficulties, first take nerves, etc) and I feel like I owe it to myself to try again.

    But will taking it in mid-January (assume I'll get the score early Feb) tank my chances of getting in ANYWHERE this cycle?

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Member
    1488 karma

    It won't so much tank your chances of admission to apply so late in the cycle, but a lot of the scholarship $$ will be spoken for by that point. That is the biggest consideration. I'd say apply early to the schools where you have the numbers (be sure to email them that you want your file reviewed with your current LSAT score, otherwise they will hold your app till after January). If you need to apply in February and can afford to go without scholarship (not to say you won't get money, there will just be less available), then by all means, hold off till you can get your best score. If money is a major concern, ie you need a significant scholarship to be able to go to law school at all, then consider adjusting your schools list, seeing what happens this year but know you might have to wait till next year, or looking into other scholarships/financing options.
    Hope this is helpful! Best of luck!

  • annafaithkimannafaithkim Core Member
    86 karma

    ugh same this October test really took me for a spin. There were so many technical difficulties with this test this go round that I've never experienced with proctor u before. I know people say that the golden time to apply is before dec but I'm debating on whether or not a higher score would combat the late application... I just really don't want to have to push back a year.

  • annafaithkimannafaithkim Core Member
    86 karma

    Yes this was super helpful! Thank you for the input. And just to clarify Scholarship money as in the financial aid that the schools are giving out right? Not any private scholarships that I'm applying for. Or did you mean both? Because some of the private scholarship deadlines aren't until late March.

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Member
    1488 karma

    I was referring to merit and need based scholarships offered through the individual law schools, yes. But for any scholarships (including private), you do not want to apply to them late in the cycle. The deadline is the cutoff, but they may well have decided on their recipients well in advance of those dates, or run out of money (unless you are a unicorn with amazing numbers, essays, and softs that are extremely compelling and relevant, in which case schools are waiting for to apply and don't care when, you're getting in).

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