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So I have a dilemma...

AstuteEagleAstuteEagle Core Member
in General 32 karma

I'm signed up for the November LSAT. I'm scoring 155-159 on them. I have an internship that starts on January 6th so I cannot take the January LSAT because I will be busy. If I choose to take the January one, then I'll have to cancel my internship but that means I'll get a better score. Or, I'll have to push myself until test day and keep the internship. I am so nervous I won't get a good score though. Can someone please offer some advice?


  • acatuneaacatunea Member
    144 karma

    For each test administration there is usually at least one day offered on the weekend - is taking one day off your internship to test in January not an option for you?

    I think it is also worth considering what type of score you are hoping to achieve on this test. If you are PT'ing right around your goal score, I would say go for November. If you are looking to get several points higher, it might be difficult to realistically achieve if you have not hit that goal score on a PT yet. There is also nothing wrong with delaying your test until the next application cycle (probably not what you want, I know it's not ideal).

    Sorry this isn't great advice, just hoping it can help you brainstorm. Best of luck, you got this!!

  • Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
    4289 karma

    I think advice from the community depends on a few of the following questions:

    1) What is your target LSAT score
    2) Are you aiming to apply for this years cycle
    3) Is this an important internship/how would you feel passing up this internship

    Some of these will also help determine if it makes sense to push back your LSAT beyond January, where you can find your rhythm in your internship and still take the LSAT while interning.

  • julielamberthjulielamberth Free Trial Member
    12 karma

    Second the question about your goal score. And, can you really not find an hour or so each day to study during your internship? It's not about cramming 10 hours a day, but being consistent. Or does the January test occur only during times you will have to work and you can't get a day off? I can see it not being ideal but am wondering why you can't do both the internship and a three hour test session.

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