Withdrawing Registration - Does it count?

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My title says it all, but does anyone have insight if withdrawing a LSAT registration count towards the 3-limit in a testing year? I have taken the LSAT twice and prefer more time to hit my target score instead of rushing to take it a third time.

The official website says, "withdrawing your registration will prevent an absentee notation from appearing on your LSAC file, but you will not receive a refund."

Other LSAT prep services have mentioned no adverse effects if one withdraws.

If anyone could help clear this up, it would be appreciated.


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    Hi! I would write to LSAC about this, that way you also have their confirmation in writing.

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    I have withdrawn twice and neither one counted because I didn't sit for the exam. I believe you have to withdraw at least 24 hours before the exam (but check LSAC's website for that), you lose all your money but I believe that's the only penalty!

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    Thanks for the answers. I called LSAC and they said it would not count as an attempt and to withdraw before the test is administered. For anyone taking the November 2021 LSAT, that deadline would be Nov. 11th at 11:59pm.

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