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Oct LSAT Takers: a helpful tool for test day mindset/before preptests!

B_star11B_star11 Member
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I took J.Y.'s advice and decided to look into meditation for a better mindset for the LSAT. No doubt does low-confidence and anxiety affect your test score; I truly believe that calming down my racing thoughts and incorporating positive self-talk before taking practice tests has helped me tremendously! This meditation exercise is PHENOMENAL...not overly cheesy, and it's geared towards a focused mindset (which I desperately need during RC lol).

Even if you're skeptical, I suggest listening and trying it, because it could result in an unexpected score increase like it did for me! I plan on using this right before signing onto ProctorU on test day as well. Good luck to everyone!!


  • rachel.yentrapatirachel.yentrapati Core Member
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    Commenting on this so I can find it later. I love a good guided meditation to get in the zone! :)

  • z.stan31z.stan31 Core Member
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    THANK YOU! This has been a game changer for me.

  • Thank you for sharing this!

  • maryjando95maryjando95 Member
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    wow! Thank you!

  • GenTheJudgeGenTheJudge Core Member
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    Thanks (: commenting to come back to

  • Juan Carlos-1Juan Carlos-1 Member
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  • Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
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  • t___lanet___lane Member
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    Thank you!

  • KbrookssKbrookss Member
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    If only yall knew my story would you really understand how much I needed this youtube video. I have never been the highest test taker when it came to the LSAT and the first 2 times I took it in 2019, I had way too much going on. I scored both times in the 135-139 range. I put my dream of going to law school on hold because I doubted if I was good enough despite me graduating with my bachelors and masters with honors. I'm standing almost a week away from the November test freaking out if the same thing will occur despite be doing the 7sage method of studying. Since I purchased this course I have raised my practice test score to about 10-12 points. It is not the highest I know and I was discouraged even applying with a score in the 140s. But I am hear to say that this video has instilled confidence in my abilities and in my dream and no matter what my score is I WILL be accepted into law school this go around!

    THANK YOU @B_star11

  • M4231illieM4231illie Member
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    love this so much!

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