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What is the best tactic for 153?

insulterinsulter Member
in General 46 karma

Hi everyone. I will take the LSAT on Nov 12th. I have started to prepare in August. In this short time, I finished a book and watched 7Sage videos. I did 2 PTs and got 145. I have only 10 days from now to improve my score to 153 and I need your advice. Do you think it is possible? Thank you and good luck!


  • acatuneaacatunea Member
    144 karma

    Buckle down on a consistent LG score, it is the quickest section (in my opinion) to improve on! :)

  • bellc1516bellc1516 Member
    12 karma

    Focus on LG! Watch the videos on creating a "game board". Once I watched them, I was able to go from missing 15 questions per LG, to only missing 6-7. I also have only been studying since mid-August.

  • I like bellc1516's response. I have done 3 pts, did one today and got 150 up from 143. I noticed logic games are hardest but easiest to get better on. the likely scenario list questions are freebies, so those are 4 questions everyone can get right. I will be doing 30-40 pts before the 13th, am doing 3-5 a day for next 9 days. Will help with anxiety, the real test will feel like nothing by that point at least, I will be so exhausted mentally though

  • mattscrappymattscrappy Member
    138 karma

    Like everyone else here, I'll say that logic games will give you the best return so spend most of your drilling improving on that section.
    But, you'll need to break it up a bit so you don't go crazy in which case I would add a bit of LR training as well. My recommendation would be to look at all of the 7Sage conditional and causal reasoning videos and exercises. Basically anything that is about formal logic, rather than LSAT specific drills. If you have some more time, go through some of the necessary assumption videos and drills too since I think understanding necessary assumptions is integral to mastering the LR section.
    I'm taking the November test too, good luck!

  • x1amp9898x1amp9898 Member
    203 karma

    LG will give the biggest points gain, so focus on them. Good luck

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8198 karma

    Flaw types
    Get solid on phenomenon/hypothesis and causal reasoning
    Question type strategies
    Conditional logic/valid and invalid argument forms
    Read for understanding
    Foolproof as many games as you can
    Learn to skip aggressively - there are a whole ton of points you don't need to get for a 153. Focus your time on the points you can get.

  • edited November 2021 83 karma

    Given that there are only 10 days before the test, I don't think it's realistic to have a drastic improvement in your mastery of the content itself. Therefore, having a good strategy is important. If timing is an issue for you (as it was for me when I was stuck in mid to high 150s), try to implement the skipping strategy, which is relatively easier to develop within a short period of time.

    You could set up a "target time" for different questions in each section. For example, when it comes to LR, I would give myself 10-11 minutes to finish first 10 questions, then 7 minutes for the next five, and 18 minutes for the last 10 or 11 questions. You don't necessarily have to follow my pace, but the point is, you should not be bogged down by a single question. Since your goal score is a 153, it is reasonable to allow yourself to skip some of the harder questions and spend those time on manageable ones.

    It might seem uncomfortable at first as you give up some of the questions. Just stick to it and trust me, eventually you will find out how effective this method is.

    Here is a video that would help you understand this strategy:

  • insulterinsulter Member
    46 karma

    Your advice is so valuable. As you recommend, I will mainly focus on LG and LR's assumptions. Please share if you have must-to-watch videos. Thank you so much for all of you.

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