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This seems like such a silly question but my last minute test anxiety is beginning to make me question everything. Are we allowed to use a wireless mouse connected to our computer on the day of the test...? 😅


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    And a mouse-pad?

  • BlueRiceCakeBlueRiceCake Alum Member
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    How many kinds of different colored pens are allowed?

  • taniyuhhtaniyuhh Alum Member
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    @BlueRiceCake said:
    How many kinds of different colored pens are allowed?

    when i took it, i had like 5-6 different colored pens, and my proctor didn't say anything. i would call beforehand, or at the very least, ask your proctor during the check-in period. that way, it will be in the recorded session if a problem arises.

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    I have a random question for you, I literally just found out what LSAT flex is. Are we taking the lsat flex this weekend and is it true that the scoring is higher than regular lsat. All my Pt's were not flex, I just saw that option and found out what it is.

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    I believe you can only use a wireless mouse if you have a desktop computer. NOT if you have a laptop.

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    Update: I was still worried so I called LSAC. We are allowed to use at least a wireless (USB) mouse. We have to hold up and show both sides of our mousepad to the camera just like we do our paper. Good luck to everyone writing!!

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