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Anyone else get a fast waitlist decision from UVA?

aszane21aszane21 Alum Member
edited November 2021 in Law School Admissions 350 karma

I applied to UVA less than a month ago and just got a waitlist email. I'm a splitter 172 LSAT/3.68 UGPA.

I read on Spivey that UVA interviews most applicants but I didn't get one.

Not freaking out about it but curious as to why this came so early. Anyone else get a UVA waitlist? Or a waitlist at a school super fast?


  • aszane21aszane21 Alum Member
    350 karma

    just bumping this. Very curious to see if this happened to others.

  • MonkeyMammoth24MonkeyMammoth24 Alum Member
    789 karma

    Haven't gotten a decision yet but I applied 2 weeks ago and my application has been under review since Oct. 29

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