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no improvement since diagnostic

fayevasifayevasi Monthly Member
in General 5 karma

I took my diagnostic 3 months ago and got 151 for actual score, 164 for BR. Three months later, I have gotten through 35% of the material and decided to take my first PT. I was sure I'd score much higher than diagnostic because I was doing really well with LR and LG. However, I scored 150... literally one point lower than my diagnostic. I didn't even bother doing the BR because I was so depressed over the test.

Even though I've gotten MUCH better at answering questions correctly, my timing has gotten MUCH worse. For example, in LG section I only had time to do 2 of the 4 games. For the games I did finish, I got nearly all the questions right. But of course that doesn't mean much when you're leaving half the questions blank. So why am I getting slower? I feel very demoralized right now..


  • sss.dukesss.duke Alum Member
    27 karma

    I get the feeling! The exact same thing happened to me. I just studied the concepts and question types for like 3 months and didn't PT at all. And then when I took a PT again it was like one point better. What helped was just doing more PT's and individual timed sections more often, and each time I got higher scores. Nothing special, but that's what helped me.

    Also what helped with LG was drilling the medium difficult ones as fast as I could. So then when I do a PT I feel confident in getting those out of the way and having more time for difficult ones. Personally, LG just requires a lot of practice and you will improve! Hope that is a bit helpful.

  • beccablack97beccablack97 Alum Member
    18 karma

    I found the same thing happened to me, I chalked it up to knowing what should be doing the second time around so there is some hesitation etc. Don't be discouraged, this entire thing is a long process and you're doing the right thing! Try smaller timed sections for practice ex: a RC passage (9 min~) LG (9 min~). Try and get that pace and then put it all together for a full section. I didn't time myself for the first few months of practice tests because I wanted to feel comfortable with the content and not discourage myself. GOOD LUCK!!

  • Golden BoyGolden Boy Alum Member
    133 karma

    This is a very good question that is worthy of concern. First, I want to assure you that you will do better if you don't give up. There is something called "plateau in the curves of learning." This is the point in learning anything that it appears no progress is being made. You might have hit this spot in your LSAT preparation. It is only an appearance, not reality. The secret to moving to a higher level in the curve of learning? Stick-to-it-iveness. Grit. Tenacity. Determination. Resoluteness. An unyielding spirit.

    On a personal note, I never spoke English when I was 19. Today I speak three languages fluently, including English. By sheer determination and effort of the will, I have three college degrees and graduated at the top of both my undergraduate and masters classes.

    I am 100% sure that if you stick to your LSAT preparation, and do everything within your power, you will see a tremendous score increase. But you must NEVER give up! Let me leave you with the sagacious words of Abraham Lincoln: "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other."

    More specific to the LSAT, do a foolproof of ALL Logic Games. If you can get at least 20 questions correctly on the Logic Games alone, you will see a score increase. I am also available to study with you and perhaps provide more direct support and encouragement.

    We shall overcome.

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