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Scores not adding up

trisdhaliwal1trisdhaliwal1 Alum Member
in General 89 karma

Hi Everyone!

So I'm a bit confused on the scoring. I took PT 91 and PT 92.

PT 91 I received a 54/75 which was a 158
PT 92 I received a 53/75 and my score was a 159.

How is this possible? I missed -10/RC and -9/LR on both, then one I missed 3 on LG and the other I missed 2. How did I get a higher score when I missed more questions??


  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Alum Member
    1092 karma

    It depends on how the test is curved. PT91 is deemed an "easier" test, therefore it has a stricter curve. 92 is deemed a harder test, so you can miss more and still get a similar score.

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