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Writing Portion

mattwhitworth56mattwhitworth56 Alum Member
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Hey everyone,
Is there a deadline for completing the LSAT writing? Like can I do it after I take the test? Or do I need to get it done before test day? I know the LSAC wants me to complete it ASAP, but I'd rather not. Kind of rude of me I guess, but I'm just wondering if I could do it in the week after the test so I don't have to add any stress to my plate for this week (taking it Friday). Thank you for any info!
- Matt


  • a_pmorenoca_pmorenoc Alum Member
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    You can do it anytime after the test but make sure you give LSAC enough time to review it or you may not get your score on time. I wrote mine 3 days after the test and it was approved in 2 days

  • gabes900gabes900 Alum Member
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    Thanks for the information on this !

  • lsat_muselsat_muse Alum Member
    edited November 2021 64 karma

    I had the same question and emailed LSAC last week. You have up to a year to complete the writing sample. Here's their full response:

    Thank you for contacting LSAC. You may launch LSAT Writing beginning on November 4th, using the link provided on the LSAT Writing page of your account. Once available, you may complete the writing sample whenever you wish however, please note that an approved writing sample is required to receive your LSAT score and complete a law school report. Please allow 1-3 weeks to process your writing sample. The launch link will remain on your account for up to one year.

    Select the “LSAT” tab and “LSAT Writing” in the drop down menu to access the launch link. Thoroughly read the instructions on this page and you may select “Get Acquainted with LSAT Writing” to download the PSI software using Chrome, Edge or Firefox or Internet Explorer as a browser. Do not use Safari as a browser for this process. Alternatively, you may select the “Launch LSAT Writing” link on the bottom right of the page.

    For further information about LSAT writing, please visit our website at :

    But like was said above, this may delay how soon we get our scores back since they require a writing sample before releasing scores.

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