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How many prep tests?

bkn26516bkn26516 Alum Member
in General 22 karma

Hi all, I am registered for the April 2022 LSAT and started working through the core curriculum in mid October. I work 40-50 hours a week for a bank's legal department and I am only able to study for about 18-20 hours a week. According to 7Sage's study schedule I will not complete everything, including all of the prep tests, until next October if I am studying for 18 hours a week. My plan is to complete the core curriculum and then do 2-3 prep tests per week from there and get through however many I am able to complete between when I am done with the core curriculum and the real test, but I know I will not be able to complete all of them. Once I'm ready for prep tests, should I start from newer ones and work my way back towards older ones so that I'm working on tests that are (I'm assuming) more similar to the test I will take? Or oldest to newest? Or maybe start somewhere in the middle? Any advice is appreciated!


  • clear227clear227 Core Member
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    You should start with the older (40-50) and work towards the newer (80's) because the test has changed.

    You don't need to take every prep test ever written, so I wouldn't bother with the earlier ones. Save the problems from those tests for problem sets.

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