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How to build Stamina?

murieldentesmurieldentes Member
in General 64 karma

Hey guys! I had a hard time with October because I was too tired to finish the test. How should I build enough stamina to do the whole test? Any tips?



  • acatuneaacatunea Member
    144 karma

    In my opinion, I think building stamina takes little bits of increased efforts over a long period of time. I have been out of school for a few years so I have also found it challenging to sustain mental focus for long periods of time. But slowly I have built my way back up, by steadily increasing my study time over a few weeks (maybe even months).

    For example, week one was spent studying just 1 hour per day. The next week, I would increase my daily study time by 30 minutes, 45 minutes, whatever felt good. I stop when my brain starts to feel like it can't retain anymore and make sure to take a day off at least once per week to recover. Depending on what other factors are going on in your life (working full time, extracurriculars, other responsibilities, etc), you may have to be constantly making adjustments to your schedule. Healthy habits to prevent burn out are crucial!

    Also, getting into the habit of taking full length practice tests (I have been doing once a week) is a good way of training your brain to gear up for the real test. At first, it feels really daunting and exhausting. But after a few weeks of consistently working on it, you'll hopefully start to feel your stamina increase!

  • ShuttahgawdShuttahgawd Live Member
    127 karma

    I echo @acatunea

    This is muscle that has to be built. It is one of the things that is not commonly emphasize, but I believe one has to get use to taking the test in order to perform well on it.

  • Ben LongBen Long Member
    29 karma

    In addition to the other comments, which are excellent, I would add that your physical health has some importance here as well. Professional chess players often reflect that they need to be in top physical shape to play at the top of their chess game as well. It might be worth thinking about building in some healthy workout habits as a part of your study planning.

  • murieldentesmurieldentes Member
    64 karma

    Thank you!!!! Highly appreciate your comments!! Ill try everything!

  • taniyuhhtaniyuhh Member
    25 karma

    if you're talking about mental stamina, i recommend drills. start with a small(er) number of questions per drill, and slowly make your way up. don't overexert yourself, and keep working your way up!

  • clear227clear227 Core Member
    350 karma

    Take 1-2 PTs every week.

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