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Question Stem Chart

CashhhyyyCashhhyyy Monthly Member
edited September 2021 in Logical Reasoning 582 karma

Hello! While taking PT's I started creating a question stem chart. I would always get so nervous to get a question incorrect, due to being unsure what "type of question" it was referring to... I am an overthinker lol. I don't know about anyone else, but drilling questions is cool and all buttttttttttt I got soooo use to KNOWING what question I was doing when drilling the same type of question over and over. Hope this helps! I don't know if it shows every question type... I've been taking the most recent PT's so I've been building it as I go

What's your least favorite question type? What approach do you take? What's your favorite?
Mine is main conclusion <3

However, my least favorite is PSA Vs. SA... Anyone care to explain these two to me :) What approach do you use to answer the question?

If I made an error, please tell me.


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