PT92.S1.Q9 - Practical intelligence

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Can someone explain why B is the correct answer?

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    This a formal logic SA question, so you're looking for an answer that connects the concepts together. AC B is the only thing that does that.
    Practical intelligence is a skill that won't develop on its own, and therefore if something has everything it wants and never needs anything ever, you can't develop practical intelligence.
    So we're looking for something that proves that someone who has anything they want or need can't develop this skill. AC B literally says skills can only develop if they're needed. SO, [if not needed, then not develop], and thus our conclusion is proven true.

    Here is a breakdown of the other ACs:
    A - That's fine but it doesn't help the conclusion. Based on the information, it is entirely possible that with the help of others one could have everything they ever wanted and still develop practical intelligence.
    B- Correct
    C- You should count anything that starts out as "best way" as a red flag. It doesn't matter what the "best way" to do anything is, so long as there is a way to do it. Same as AC A, it is entirely possible that one could have everything they ever wanted and still develop practical intelligence.
    D- This is what happens after someone already has practical intelligence, and therefore irrelevant. If they've developed this skill, then it doesn't matter anymore that they're getting everything they want. We only care about what is necessary to get practical intelligence in the first place.
    E- This also isn't relevant. Our conclusion is only talking about what happens when someone gets everything they want, not when they never get anything that they want. It's a polar opposite given to try and trick you into thinking it's a logical opposite. So topically this might be relevant but it doesn't help the conditional logic. I think it's a good trap answer choice, but it's still a trap.

    Hope this helps!

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