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On Not Giving Up

kmarxtheleftkmarxtheleft Alum Member
edited November 2021 in General 97 karma

I was considering going for my PhD in Philosophy and giving up on the LSAT; however, I recognized how important going to law school was to me so I decided to continue the pursuit of my dreams. So far, I have two cancellations on file. I know based on what I've been reading on here, though, that there are people who have made incredible improvements in their scores, so I know that if I put in the effort I can do it, too. To anyone else who is thinking of giving up: don't. You can do this, you can get the score that you want; it will just take some time. Never give up! You can do it! To quote Rise Against, my favorite band, "The walls that all surround you are only in your mind." Always remember this. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. Have confidence in your abilities and keep on fighting!


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