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LawHub was shut down 3 times during my LSAT

Hurtado0814Hurtado0814 Member
edited November 2021 in October 2021 LSAT 34 karma

Lawhub shut down about 3 times during my exam. The second time I had to wait over an hour. The second time I was also doing reading comprehension so once it was back up I had to re-read the passage and lost time on the exam.

Has this happened to anyone before? Is it reasonable to ask for a refund on the test or the score be cancelled?


  • dannyjrosedannyjrose Member
    13 karma

    Let me know what happened. If you were granted a retest, would the cancelled score show on your account or only the retest?

  • yunonsieyunonsie Member
    611 karma

    Being kicked off for over an hour is a significant tech issue. I was only booted once for about a minute altogether. I would contact LSAC asap and request a retake. If you prefer a refund or cancellation that’s up to you!

  • clear227clear227 Core Member
    edited November 2021 350 karma

    Is it reasonable to ask for a refund on the test or the score be cancelled?

    You can cancel your score up until the 24th (tomorrow). Just go to your LSAT page on the LSAC website and click "cancel".

    However, if I were you, I would ask for a retake. You sound like you definitely deserve it. A "cancel" eats up one of your 5 test opportunities, and makes schools wonder if you did something wrong (like maybe you were nervous and thought you blew the test). Canceling would also mean no refund.

  • lsat_suslsat_sus Core Member
    1417 karma

    I can't imagine what it'd feel like if this happened to me.. My goodness.. I really hope everything works out well for you. Please keep us updated in case something as horrendous as this ever happens again :(

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