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A letter to all my January 2022 Takers --

lsat_suslsat_sus Member
edited January 2022 in General 1417 karma

Dear January 2022 lsatters,

It's GAME TIME. We got approximately 50 ish days 'til Normandy and every single one of these days needs to be supercharged like a Kyle on that Bang Energy Drink. Many of us spent months and years leading up to this momentous event, and soon we'll see the fruits of our labor. Whatever our harvest, I hope that the amount of blood, sweat, tears, and random-ass, stress-induced white hair-strands that popped up on our semi-young heads would have been well worth it.

Not that you asked, but I'm just so sick of this test.. I'm sick of tying myself down to the "potential" future this score will supposedly dictate and existing as a constant slave to the invisible master who haunts my self-worth in the back of my hyper-psychoanalyzed consciousness.

I decided I'm just going to get on with life. I'm really just tryna find my honey at a law school that wants me and hit her with that SCOPE-rope-ELOPE. That check-in and stay-in strat; poppin-in and poppin-out some minions and settling into the nuclear tradition. This dumbass test is holding me back in my single-childish ways like a Simon and Pumba duo, but I'M still the mother fucking Simba in this story; pride rock is my inheritance and Nala is waiting the advent of her bestfriend. Fuck Scar and God bless Rafiki.

So I'ma see y'alls on the other side. In the meantime, let's gobble up this turkey and go ham on Amazon for some prime deals. Remind your stomachs what it feels like to digest a real Thanksgiving Feast, prepared in the unique and beautiful method of your particular culture.

"THUS," I wish the deepest of good luck to the rest of you 7Sagist sadists. Wherever you are in your heroine/hero's journey, I hope you find contentment within yourselves and continue to push the upper boundaries of the personal limitations you may have that only you may truly know and determine. Y'all got this. Do it for the 7Sage fam, fam!

lsat_sus, aka "Cringe-King"


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