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January Test

edited November 2021 in Law School Admissions 316 karma

Will taking the January test impact my admission chances at schools in the 70-130 US News ranking range? And will it lower the amount of scholarship that I would have gotten with an identical resume if I'd applied in November? Thank you !
- Matt


  • mesposito886mesposito886 Member
    254 karma

    I think it really depends on whether or not taking the January test will leave you with a higher LSAT score than you would've had applying in November. Data shows that applicants submitting later with a test score well above a school's median are often more successful than those who submit earlier but have a lower LSAT (although how big the point difference has to be to create this effect is more complicated). A lot of people suspect admissions will be moving more slowly this year anyway, so if you really expect your score to go up, I'd say it's worth a shot.

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