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Help-How to study for a retake?

Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
edited November 2021 in General 1417 karma

I need advice on how to study for a retake after experiencing technical difficulties on November LSAT. I have not had much luck with the remote LSAT as I had technical difficulties back in June 2021 as well.

I am trying to hit solid 150s on an official take. My June 2021 score was a few points away from the 150s. I would still like to apply this cycle and take off.

Thank you and good luck all.


  • clear227clear227 Core Member
    edited November 2021 350 karma

    If the technical issues are on your end, you can request a hotel room from LSAC, or one of their tablets.

    What is the average of your last 5 PTs?

  • shawlowry5shawlowry5 Member
    edited November 2021 40 karma

    I would do a PT (one of the more recent ones such as 90/91/92) and blind review it. See where you are at and what question types you are currently struggling with the most. Use the analytics feature to create problem sets with the question types you are struggling with so you can drill efficiently. If need be at that point, review the core curriculum sections to solidify your knowledge. This is what I have been doing to prep for a January take. Good luck you got this!!!!

  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
    1417 karma

    @clear227 I was actually offered a November retest for my November technical difficulties. I think it was a better experience and hope I hit solid 150s. I was reviewing word from modern PTs in 80s and scoring around 153-155. Many thanks.

    @shawlowry5 I did take/review PT 90-91 before my November retest. Thank you!

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