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Hey everyone, I am very devastated as I write this and am in desperate need of some advice. I was consistently scoring -3/-4 from the last couple weeks in LR and even had a perfect score once. Since day before yesterday my score has been dropping significantly. -5/-7 and I just got a -9 on PT70 S4. This is the lowest score I ever got and I'm not sure what is going wrong. There is no common question type except SA or NA that I get wrong. If anyone went through a similar situation or anyone has any suggestion please reach out.


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    Are these your first tests in the 70's? LR evolves a bit overtime and people frequently see drops as they advance from older into newer material. Whatever the explanation, though, what really matters is how you respond to these errors. The good news is that no matter what is causing this, the solution is the same:

    Diagnose your errors and learn from them.

    Studying is a process, not a destination. It is easy to become so focused on our outcomes that we forget the purpose of studying. The purpose is to transform things we don't understand into things we do. That's a really hard process, and it's critical we stay focused on it. This focus is never challenged more than when we start seeing results in our target range. Personally, my study objectives completely transformed at this point. I went from trying to improve my knowledge of the test to just trying to prove it. I went from seeking development to seeking validation. This resulted in months of backsliding and frustration. I had to reset and refocus. I could never advance as long as my true objective was to try to prove I was already good enough.

    So don't distress about the underlying cause until you've seized the opportunity to learn and improve. A missed question is a gift. The test writers have informed you that you possess an exploitable weakness, and they have given you a roadmap to discover what it is. If your objective is to improve, this is no cause for alarm. If your objective is to improve, you've got work to do.

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    @lawnerdd , this recently happened to me. Unbelievably, got a -11 after scoring usually between -4 and -6. It tells me I still have a ton of work to do. I also enjoyed @"Cant Get Right"'s answer, and enjoyed his podcast episode.

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