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Comprehensive strategy for Strengthen Principle questions (PSY)

Does anyone have a good comprehensive strategy for addressing these question types? They are very similar to strengthen, but for some reason I find them more difficult. For example, often times the answers appear as principles, sometimes a weaker principle would work for one question and a stronger principle is required for another. Does anyone have a good method for eliminating answer choices here and selecting a choice with the correct amount of strength?



  • mattscrappymattscrappy Member
    138 karma

    I'm not sure how much this will help, but based on the language you're using its possible you're approaching them merely as Strengthen questions, not PSA/SA questions. A strengthen AC doesn't need to make the conclusion logically follow (be 100% accurate), just satisfy one of potentially infinite necessary assumptions. In other words, make it at least a little more believable, not necessarily prove it.
    A PSA/SA will prove the conclusion 100%. If you see two answer choices and one "sort of works" and the other completely works, go with the latter.

    To your actual question, the amount of "strength" required depends on the stimulus. The argument may already be pretty good, and then only need a little help to get all the way there. It also could be terrible and need a very strong PSA to be proven. But regardless, if it's a PSA question, it must be proven by the correct AC. Hope this helps!

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