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In the interest of time, which parts of CC syllabus do you recommend skipping?

yminelikyminelik Monthly Member
in General 46 karma

While I know this will not ensure the highest score nor is optimal, I'd like to hear from those ahead of me on which parts of the syllabus I can leave out and possible revisit if time allows. I would like to move to prep tests and running low on time before January.

In community. Thanks.


  • lizzogonzolizzogonzo Alum Member
    623 karma

    In my opinion, I think LG is a definite no-skip. Absolutely go through all of LG, even the practice drills. LR is in the middle, meaning I don't think it's necessary to do all the drills. RC is the most skippable imo. I didn't find their method helpful because I think you're either good at RC or you're not and the type of help you need depends on where your diagnostic was. I was not good at RC and needed to find a different method that was good for me. But I say read through their method, give it a shot, and if it feels comfortable then finish their RC section.

    Hope this helps!

  • yminelikyminelik Monthly Member
    46 karma

    Salute @lizzogonzo!! Very helpful.

  • AryanSinghAryanSingh Alum Member
    326 karma

    You can skip but you will end up referencing to it or lost. So yea RC only. Do LG and LR thoroughly. You skipping will cost you more time only

  • andrew.rsnandrew.rsn Alum Member
    831 karma

    I would also add that I don't think it's necessary to do every single LR problem set - so rather than skipping an entire section, maybe just skip some of the problem sets. I certainly agree that you should not skip any of LG - do everything and more.

  • kediaeholly101kediaeholly101 Monthly Member
    13 karma

    what would you guys suggest as a way to get better at RC?

  • markiiibmarkiiib Alum Member
    20 karma

    I had one month to study (started October 13th and wrote November 13th) and ended up going 152 (diagnostic) -> 162 (official score). I did most of LR (65% ish) but had a strong base in formal logic and found it redundant. Just started doing the practice sets eventually and the familiarity was more helpful than the instructions, but I was consistently going -5 or better from the jump. Eventually started skipping the instructions and just doing practice sets. LG CC changed the game for me though I was so thoroughly impressed with it. I also did some of the RC because I actually found that helpful.

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