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Can I improve 10 points?

I am feeling a bit discouraged. I scored a 149 was hoping for 157-162. I have been passively studying for a few months now. That is, I will spend like 2 weeks studying 2 hours a day, then get overwhelmed with life (grad school) and wont touch anything until the week of the test. I have a break from school for the next month, but is it realistic to try for that score on the Jan test? Feeling a little burnt out with school in general. I was hoping to start Law school in the fall and take spring and summer off and just enjoy myself.



  • jamescaffrey24jamescaffrey24 Monthly Member
    edited December 2021 25 karma

    Yes you can. I personally scored a 148 in October and jumped to a 160 today. Keep your head up. It’s stressful, but this is only a temporary hurdle!

  • z.stan31z.stan31 Monthly Member
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    I think you can definitely do it! It's just really important that you study every day. I find that doing 3 hours a day, split into two sessions, works well. This will keep you from getting too overwhelmed and is enough time to make progress.

  • Here4the174Here4the174 Alum Member
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    @jamescaffrey24 said:
    Yes you can. I personally scored a 148 in October and jumped to a 160 today. Keep your head up. It’s stressful, but this is only a temporary hurdle!

    Congratulations on your jump! May I ask what your study schedule looked like or what changed for that kind of jump? I got my November score back today and it was not great, so I'm aiming for January to see my 150 go to a 160. Would love any advice!

  • C_HurleyC_Hurley Yearly Member
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    You Can Do It!!!!!!!!!

  • elesayteeelesaytee Alum Member
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    Yes! You have nowhere to go but up. With the right work ethic and mind set you could easily improve much more than 10 points.

  • I say go go goI say go go go Alum Member
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    I went from 161 to 169 in two months so why not

  • RaphaelPRaphaelP Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    It depends! Was the 149 right in line with your PT average? Or was 157-162 around your PT average? If the question is "I scored a 149, which was aberrational for me and I'd like to hit 159 in January, which is my PT average" then the answer is a resounding yes! It seems your challenge may just be performing better on the real day - figure out what went wrong.

    If the 149 was the running average of your PTs and you're trying to improve your PT scoring (and, subsequently, actual score) then this will require a bit more work. I do think 10 points in a month is ambitious, and I'd consider signing up for a later test as well unless you're set on this test now for some personal reason (a need to apply this cycle, for example).

    What I think can make sharp improvement in a month possible is (1) If your BR scores are very high and you're just trying to close the delta between BR and regular due to poor timing; (2) If the issue is in LG, where you can just hunker down and zero those mistakes with time, since LG improvement is by far the most linear of any section and, in my opinion, pretty much any student can be a consistent -3 or less with enough effort. If neither of those are true, I'd temper expectations and sign up for a later test (and you should sign up anyway just in case).

  • jamescaffrey24jamescaffrey24 Monthly Member
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    @Here4the174 Honestly, I have only completed 88% of the 7Sage curriculum and taken about 4 practice tests. I work, so I probably averaged about 4 hours a day on the weekdays and then tried to study as much as possible on weekends, probably up to 8 hours max. I took my time going through the problem sets in each of the 7Sage sections. After I completed one or two sections, I would watch the explanation videos. This worked for me in a short time frame. If I could do it all over again, I would fully take advantage of the BR method, redoing all logic games 1-10 times until the game is memorized, and take more LSAT prep tests.

  • hotranchsaucehotranchsauce Alum Member
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    Sure, it's possible. Personally, I went from 141 to 158 with the most recent test. HOWEVER, for me, it took longer than 1 month FOR SURE.

  • andrew.rsnandrew.rsn Alum Member
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    @RaphaelP is spot on with his advice - follow it to the letter!

    I would also note that Study habits is one of the first things that needs to be addressed. Clearly the idea of studying for 2 weeks, then taking time off until the week of the test isn't working for you. You need to be much more consistent this time around if you're going to have a chance of scoring within your desired range.

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