PT.60.S3.Q3 - building permit cannot be obtained by Feb 1

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I'm literally SO confused about this question. How are you supposed to diagram this?

From my understanding, "Unless A --> NOT B" is equivalent to..."-A --> -B"....right?

So, "Unless A OR B --> NOT C" would be diagrammed like "-A OR -B --> -C".......? (I might be wrong, idk)

The stimulus says, "Unless the building permit is obtained by Feb 1 OR some of the other activities are completed in less time --> the new library will NOT be completed on schedule."

And if you diagram this, it's equivalent to...."-obtained my Feb 1 OR -less time --> -completed on schedule...".....? But this seems to be wrong, according to the answer key.

Can someone explain to me how adding more than one sufficient condition to an "unless" statement changes how it should be diagrammed?

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    Review the Advanced Logic video of DeMorgan's Law and JY goes over this.

    When you negate OR it turns into AND. so it should be -A AND -B --> -C

    I hope that helps!

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