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David BusisDavid Busis Member Moderator

We want to keep our compilation of interview questions current. If you've had a law school interview in the last three months, please post an account of it below. Include the school, all the questions you can remember, and anything else relevant.

We'll pick one poster by lottery for a free Edit Once. We'll also include the account on our interview page.

Thanks for your help in keeping this free resource up to date!


  • qs2159qs2159 Member
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    I finished my Northwestern Kira interview yesterday! There were six questions (30 sec preparation; 60 secs answering)
    1. One failed experience that led to success later
    2. Motivate one disengaged team member
    3. The proudest accomplishment
    4. What do you excepting from NW (I think this one is new)
    5. One more thing to tell the Admission Office
    6. Why Northwestern

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