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Any Advice on Negotiating Scholarships

omerico7omerico7 Member
edited December 2021 in Law School Admissions 94 karma

Does anyone have any experience or tips on negotiations? I have a 50% scholarship offer from a school that I would be considered in-state. So I would only have to pay 15k a year. I have another offer from a different school out of state. They offered only 10k in scholarships. The out-of-state school has better ranking, and location. I think it might be better for my career. So how do I get them to increase their offer? Or could I get them to increase their offer?


  • mattscrappymattscrappy Member
    138 karma

    A proper admissions consultant could help you more, but mentioning your scholarship at the state school might be a good idea.
    Letting them know you are very interested in this out of state school (i.e., I would really like to go here, your program aligns with my career interests, etc.), but given how expensive law school can be and how it is no longer a guaranteed career, it is a substantial financial risk to take on more debt than you need. Then ask them for more money, like "If you can match scholarship at the other, I will go to your school", or something to that effect. Worst thing they do is say no, and then you're right where you are now.
    I don't know how this strategy applies to law schools (hence recommendation for a proper consultant) but I have friends who have used it to get full rides to other types of masters programs.

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Member
    1488 karma

    Agreed with @mattscrappy , that is good advice. Just remember to be very polite and very gracious in your letter if you send one. One important thing to consider in asking for more money is whether the school negotiates scholarships at all. Some schools are very clear that their offers are last and final, in which case pushing your luck could backfire. I would just check reddit or another site to confirm that scholarships are negotiable at your out of state school before you proceed with the ask.

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