GPA from prior inst. not great, recent grades good - in this taken into account?

Hello!! I have some GPA/transcript related questions for anyone that may be able to help.

My story is that I went to college back from 2011-2013. I partied a lot and didn't really take it seriously. I ended up dropping six classes, failed one, D in another, and C's through A's for the rest. I then dropped out and joined the military. Since being in the military I've gotten my associate's and taken plenty more classes online resulting in mostly A's. I have a total of 97/120 credits and a 3.1 GPA. My Poli Sci advisor said a 3.1 isn't bad for law school, but I'd like to get it up as high as possible to have the best shot at top schools.

Now I am out of the military, I am going back to finish my Undergrad in person at a state school. I am classified as a senior, likely graduating Spring 2023 or sooner. My receiving school did not take many of the A's I got from credits earned while in the military as electives, but they did take my F and D class (of course). I am taking things much more seriously this time around and am obviously aiming for straight A's until graduation. I know GPA is important on law school admissions so here are my questions:

  1. I plan to retake the F and D class to help get the GPA higher. I have been told that the new grade will replace the old grade in the GPA, BUT that the old grade is still visible on the transcript? Does anyone know if this is a hinderance on Law School admissions, even if the failing/low grade is replaced with an A?

  2. Do law schools care about W's (dropped classes) on transcripts?

  3. Do law schools look into institution attended/different dates attended? I.e. - are law schools going to be able to recognize the date difference in my lower grades 2012 versus higher grades in 2022?

Any help/insight is much appreciated and happy holidays!!


  • Applications provide a space for you to explain anything on your application that needs further consideration. Definitely submit an addendum explaining this! Schools will most certainly take into consideration the difference in the dates attended, especially considering your military service.

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    Hi, the failing grade will NOT be replaced. All of your final grades will show up on the transcript, whether you retook the class or not. You'll just have two grades for the same course.

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