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Diversity Statement for Older Student

I am an older student (currently 35) and have been working in the legal field for around 10 years. My personal statement explains how my work experience influenced my decision to attend law school, but I was wondering if I should draft a diversity statement that demonstrates what my experience will bring.


  • andrew.rsnandrew.rsn Alum Member
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    Have you taken a look at 7sage's valid diversity factor page?

    I'm not super convinced that having worked for a number of years warrants a diversity statement. A diversity statement is meant to portray an issue or experience that has shaped you in which you persevered. It also really depends on the school, some schools are broader in their statements, others really only care about issues of race/sexual orientation/etc.

    I would personally recommend fitting some of what you would put into your diversity statement into your personal statement. If a school has a specific prompt about "what will you bring to our institution" then definitely write it!

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
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    Agreed with @"andrew.rsn" . I am 44 and applied this cycle, I vacillated over whether or not to include a diversity statement and ultimately decided not to as my resume and PS both hit on my experience and (hopefully) maturity, which I think are the big advantages for us students with more work and life experience. Just think of it this way: will a diversity statement give the AdComms information they can't find anywhere else in your file, that is necessary in order to know that you will be a good law student?

    Essentially, don't write one just to write one, but really consider if it will make you a stronger candidate. Some schools leave a broad definition, but there should still be novel and salient information in each application piece. Good luck!

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