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2nd time is the charm?

LilKorgiLilKorgi Monthly Member

So I took the October 2021 LSAT and did alright. With only about a month of true preparation I scored in the mid 150's, and was higher than any of the practice tests. Probably could have done better, but literally a few hours before the test I became very ill with the flu. I couldn't cancel or reschedule at that point so I stuck it out. Unfortunately my score was few points short for the schools that are my top choices (mainly due to pricing and being close to home). So here I go taking the LSAT again!
I just want to improve my score enough to reach 158-160, which shouldn't be too much of a problem, but my goal is to score in the mid 160's. Anything higher would be a great surprise!
Now I am just wondering how I should approach studying. Due to personal reasons I was unable to start up studying again until now. I recently discovered 7Sage because I wanted another resource to help prepare. Should I just jump into the preptests while sprinkling in the lessons, or do I grind out the lessons and quizzes and focus on the preptest towards the end with a couple weeks to go? Any advice is welcome!


  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
    1488 karma

    Hello! I would definitely get your fundamentals down before attempting any PTs. They are not useful if you just take them to take them. Knowing the materials will make you more confident, quicker, and ultimately more successful on the LSAT. Just be patient with yourself, the leap into the 160s is one of the steepest, so just trust the process and keep at it. You can get there!

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