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From 138 to University of Michigan and More

cldennis94cldennis94 Monthly Member
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To the 7Sage Community,

It is with great excitement that I write this note. My journey began back in 2016, right after college. I used textbooks that you may have heard of to first take a stab at teaching myself the LSAT. I took the test, and let's just say it didn't go as I had planned. I then signed up for one of the popular LSAT tutoring companies, again, not much progress. I was embarrassed, defeated, but always determined that one day my dream would come true. So I took a step back, worked some amazing jobs, worked some boring jobs, traveled, and came to really enjoy gaining life experience. Today that dream came true getting admitted to one of my top favorite schools. At the same time, I am reminded of all the hard work, self-motivation, and encouragement from family and friends that helped me get here.

Let me say 7Sage works. J.Y., you are amazing! To my tutors @canihazJD and @"Lucas Carter" thank you both so much for passing on your experience and wisdom. To my 7Sage essay tutor, Will Smiley, thank you 100x over!

I spent so many stressful days wondering: if I could do this, if I could master this exam, why weren't logic games clicking, why do I keep getting this Necessary Assumption question about rattlesnakes wrong, f*ck I keep forgetting that sometimes the answer is the contrapositive, Ive reach my peak and its no where near where I want to be, why did I score well in this PT and score lower in that PT. To those just starting, or if you're well into your studies please listen up:

  1. Don't give up. The LSAT road to success is different for everyone. Don't compare your progress to that of others because it hinders you and distracts you from being the best that you can be.

  2. Repetition and drill. DRILL DRILL DRILL. Rinse. Repeat. Blind Review is essential. Write out your thoughts: what went wrong, what didn't I see, what did I see, what do I do next time?

  3. Create a schedule. My tutor provided me a calendar template which helped me stay on track, monitor progress, know when to take PTs, and, importantly, when to rest.

  4. Rest. Burnout is real. Down time is not wasted time. When you are in a rut, take a step back and give yourself time to recharge. I recommend the Waking Up app for meditation. It's not a magic trick. Outside thoughts and stress are inevitable. Meditation is about finding focus and calm in the midst of those distractions. Handy during tests.

  5. Trust the process. If 7Sage could help me, someone who thought at one point that it was impossible to achieve the level of success that I wanted, it can help anyone. There are a ton of resources on 7Sage from J.Y. videos, comments below the videos, forum convos, and tutors.

  6. Celebrate your success along the way. Set your goals but also don't forget to celebrate your accomplishments along the way. If you are -12 in LG, celebrate getting down to -8 and drill so you can get to -4.

  7. Application process. The LSAT is hugely important we all know this. However, 170 scorers also get rejected sometimes. Don't forget the holistic approach to applications. Work hard on your essays, resume, any addenda you include, and LORs from trusted people who know who you are and can speak to your abilities.

I am happy to answer questions or offer advice. I am rooting for all of you studying at the moment. Wishing you all the best! You got this!

P.S. - I purposefully left out stats. I don't want 7Sage students to be turned off if they don't have X score or overconfident if they do have X score. I will say that I was below the median score for UMich. What's most important is doing the best that you can, setting goals for yourself, and not compare your journey to that of others.


  • CSieck3507CSieck3507 Monthly Member
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    Do you mind sharing your stats that you applied with?

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    7902 karma

    Two Cornell tutors... coincidence? lol jk.

    Congrats bro, you deserve it! When you have the dedication and put in the work, nothing can stop you. Solid tips as well for future 7sagers.

  • lsat_suslsat_sus Alum Member
    1417 karma

    big congrats my guy! wishing you the absolute best fam.

  • stevendunlop95stevendunlop95 Alum Member
    13 karma

    Congrats man! Local Michigander here as well. I also had a 138 Diagnostic; currently around 160 now. I hope to crack 170 and join you the year after!

  • Cherry - 7Sage Student ServiceCherry - 7Sage Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
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  • cldennis94cldennis94 Monthly Member
    145 karma

    Thank you! > @"Cherry - 7Sage" said:


  • cldennis94cldennis94 Monthly Member
    145 karma

    See you soon! > @stevendunlop95 said:

    Congrats man! Local Michigander here as well. I also had a 138 Diagnostic; currently around 160 now. I hope to crack 170 and join you the year after!

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