International students - do you need a TOEFL score?

I'm an international student coming from an undergrad school whose teaching medium is English. Some schools mention that international applicants will need to prove english proficiency with a toefl score...should I contact the schools directly or just go ahead without such a score??


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    Hi I’m an international applicant too!I don’t have Toefl score, so after I take Jan. Lsat, I’ll first apply to the law schools that don’t require Toefl score.

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    If you're an international student planning to re-locate to the US for your studies you will probably have to take the TOEFL or IELETS for your student visa application (usually is a requirement or at-least I had to take it the first time I went to the US to study abroad) so you might as well get it done as soon as possible. You should confirm though based on your application requirements. Though I would be shocked if law schools require us to take the TOEFL after taking the LSAT (a test that should show at-least basic english proficiency...)

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    I think I read on the application instruction that if your undergraduate school use English as the primary teaching language, it may waive the Tofel test requirement. It won't hurt to reach out to schools' admission offices and ask -- most of them will get back to you within two days.

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