Law school apps - too late to submit?

blueearthblueearth Alum Member
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Hi all, this may be silly but is it too late to submit law school apps? Things came up and I was unable to submit apps by late Nov/early Dec. As originally planned. I'm aiming to have everything in by Jan that too late in this competitive cycle?


  • andrew.rsnandrew.rsn Alum Member
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    No, I don't think January 1st is too late. Of course it depends on the schools you are applying to, but you should be okay if you apply by then. If you're applying to T-14's then maybe it's a bit late, but outside of that you'll be okay.

  • blueearthblueearth Alum Member
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    Ah so if you do apply to some t-14s, does it ruin your chances @"andrew.rsn" ?

  • blackmambablackmamba Monthly Member
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    Unless your scores, rec letters, personal statement, and other writing samples are pristine, I would personally hold off until the next cycle when more scholarship dollars will be available.

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