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CLOSED - please delete thread


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    @evelynsmith2019 said:

    Hey guys!

    I’m looking to form a zoom study group of about 5-8 people.

    My target range is 170+ and I plan on taking the June 2022 test.

    I’m thinking we self study, meet weekly and ask questions, go through explanations, share successes, encourage one another, etc.

    My goal is to make this test fun for me and community is how I do this best!!

    First 8 people to email me are in.

    Please comment when you’ve emailed me!!

    Hi there,

    We recommend that you do not to post your email or phone number publicly. Spam bots might pick up your email & number and you'll get spam. If you want to share contact info, you can use a private message. You can see our Forum Rules on this page:

    I deleted your contact info from this Discussion Thread.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

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