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A little encouragement

WickedLostWickedLost Monthly Member
in General 472 karma

I've seen a few discouraged posts on the forum lately..I also had a giant pity party the last three days after taking an LR section and performing so much worse than I should have. I haven't wanted to touch LR since.. heck, I haven't even been interested in celebrating the holidays. Anyways, I was wallowing and wasting time on social media when I saw a post that helped get out of my funk. This isn't anything we haven't heard before but I thought it was well written so I hope it helps some of you as well:

You have given so much to this, and I just hope you know that even here, your work is not in vain. It might take a little longer to arrive where you want to be, but you are still free to take this day by day. Even when you are weary of waiting. Even when you are having to watch others reach the same exact heights you were reaching for, you are not a failure. You are not behind. You will still arrive where you need to be in time. Your story is just going to look a little different. But you will rise anyway. You will find a strength you did not know you had. You will find that even when things did not go according to plan, it did not hinder you from traveling the course. And no matter the additional time it took, it was not too late for you.

PS: if a weird sense of humor is more encouraging to some of you, google "Hope Is Not a Bird, Emily, It's a Sewer Rat". it'll give you a laugh


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