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Looking for a Study Buddy! Yearly Member
in Study Groups 22 karma

Hello Everyone! My name is Trent!

I'm looking for a full-time study buddy that I can meet with online and go over the 7sage content with. I just purchased 7sage a month ago, and My plan is to take the June LSAT. I want to study three hours a day until then. I'd like to get in at least 420 hours of studying in for the exam before June 11th (puns not intended, lol).

My hours are incredibly flexible, so I could potentially work with anyone in the world, provided scheduling works out. I know my offer is quite rigorous, but is anyone willing to share this great journey to score high on the LSAT with me?


  • lawyer2021lawyer2021 Alum Member
    536 karma

    I am interested

  • G.S12345G.S12345 Yearly Member
    73 karma

    I am interested

  • olive123olive123 Monthly Member
    7 karma

    I am interested! Taking the June lsat as well!

  • blackmambablackmamba Monthly Member
    96 karma

    Hey bro, I'll def be interested in joining on a part-time basis. I can be flexible with my schedule also.

  • abelperez9530abelperez9530 Monthly Member
    3 karma

    Hey there, Happy New Year everyone. Definitely interested! My hours are not as flexible but I am taking the LSAT in June as well and I want that 180. Hoping to do longer hours during the weekends.

  • Yearly Member
    22 karma

    We should all form a large study group. I'm surprised so many people took my offer so quickly! :D

  • Yearly Member
    22 karma

    We should all form a large study group. I'm surprised so many people took my offer so quickly! :D

  • G.S12345G.S12345 Yearly Member
    73 karma

    do you guys want a groupme. and we can also do reoccurring zoom sessions

  • TheGuy1999TheGuy1999 Yearly Member
    11 karma

    I'm also signed up to take the June lsat and plan to study 3 hours a day, so I'm definitely down

  • tobychen45tobychen45 Alum Member
    9 karma

    I would be interested as well. I am also taking the June Exam.

  • lindqu41lindqu41 Monthly Member
    16 karma

    I would like to! I am planning on taking the June LSAT and want to study about 2 hours each day.

  • Yearly Member
    22 karma

    Want to start a Slack, Groupme, or Discord? I bet it would be quite a fun endeavor!

  • claudiamtz37-1-1-1claudiamtz37-1-1-1 Monthly Member
    44 karma

    Im interested to! studying 3 hours each day on the weekdays since I work and full time on the weekends.

  • G.S12345G.S12345 Yearly Member
    73 karma

    Groupme seems more accessible without any extra distractions. I went ahead and made a Groupme.

  • G.S12345G.S12345 Yearly Member
    73 karma

    we can make a reoccurring zoom as well once we start the Groupme.

  • dylankgulickdylankgulick Monthly Member
    14 karma

    If you decide to make a study group via discord or groupie I would be interested in joining. I also plan on taking the June LSAT but I am working full-time and will be restricted with time.

  • 2 karma

    Hey, Im interested as well! I'll be taking the April Lsat.

  • 6 karma

    Hi, I am interested as well. Count me in.

  • ArtichokeArtichoke Monthly Member
    41 karma


  • rayan12100rayan12100 Alum Member
    10 karma

    count me in

  • cambridgedreamscambridgedreams Monthly Member
    26 karma

    I'm interested as well!

  • ginawtaylor88ginawtaylor88 Member
    edited January 5 2 karma

    I’m interested!

  • rayan12100rayan12100 Alum Member
    10 karma

    people who are taking the exam in June... what year are you planning on going to law school

  • natasha.g22natasha.g22 Yearly Member
    3 karma

    I'm interested too!

  • Anita101Anita101 Monthly Member
    2 karma

    Hi there! I'm also interested. Working full time and looking to study 2-3 hours per day.

  • melissa0724melissa0724 Monthly Member
    4 karma

    I’m interested as well! Taking the LSAT in june:) I work full time and have been putting at least 3 hrs a day.

  • Shree101Shree101 Monthly Member
    16 karma

    I am interested too! I am taking the June LSAT too!

  • manvilolo9manvilolo9 Monthly Member
    12 karma

    Hello! Iam also interested in joining planning to attempt the June LSAT...i also have a flexible schedule will studyy 3 4 hours a day

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