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Feedback from admissions

nicholaswnicholasw Monthly Member
edited January 2022 in Law School Admissions 10 karma

I was not admitted early decision to a program, and a particularity highly ranked school by any means. If I reach out to admissions, would they be willing to go over areas of my application to provide advice on where I need to improve or offer specific feedback on why I was not offered early admission?


  • Webby_GangnamWebby_Gangnam Monthly Member
    534 karma

    unfortunately they probably do not have the time

  • WickedLostWickedLost Alum Member
    481 karma

    I think it's worth a shot, worse that can happen is you don't hear back or they say no. Try reaching out to them later when they're less busy. It helps if you have someone specific to email rather than a generic email address. I've reached out to people for advice that I never thought would give me the time of the day and they ended up being super helpful. You never know

  • WickedLostWickedLost Alum Member
    481 karma

    one important caveat: sometimes schools will specifically state on their website that they won't answer those types of inquiries. definitely take a look to see if your school is one of them

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