SOS PT92.S4.G3!

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Since there's not an explanation posted yet, can anyone explain or point me to where Preptest 92 game 3 has already been explained? I feel so dumb, I know there's a major inference I'm missing. I didn't have problems with any other games on this exam! Gah! Any help would be so appreciated!!


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    Section 4 game 3***

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    hey! was this the game about scheduling orientation sessions?

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    Ah no, it was the teachers teaching different languages at 2 different schools

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    Hey good evening,
    I also found this tricky to setup at first but there are definitely a couple key inferences that break the game open:

    6 teachers K L M N O P
    into 2 schools: j/s
    3 languages F G R

    Rule 1: no language repeats at same school
    From this rule, it is key to infer that something like FFR-GGR would not be valid, nor would FFGR-GR be valid.
    Therefore the languages taught at each school must be FGR-FGR.

    This is key to determine the base setup:
    (junior/senior school separated by column)
    F: j_ s_
    G: j_ s_
    R: j_ s_
    (each language taught once at each school, max 2 teachers per language)

    Rule 2 - KL same school, infer that K and L teach different languages
    Rule 3 - LM same language, infer that L and M teach at different schools
    Rule 4 - Nr - LM cannot teach r, max 2 teachers per language
    Rule 5 - Of - LM cannot teach f, max 2 teachers per language
    It is key to infer that L and M teach g.

    P is the free piece, not affected by any rules.

    LM must teach g, K follows L, would be Kf or Kr. Split boards for Kf and Kr scenarios.
    Of and Nr and P fall into place based on K placement.

    F: O/P
    G: L M
    R: K N

    F: K O
    G: L M
    R: N/P

    No other given rules on junior or senior schools, so j/s could be either left column or right column, to be determined by questions.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you so much! I know that was a lot to type out. I really appreciate it!

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