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PatBackkPatBackk Monthly Member

Can anyone confirm that we can use ctrl+f during the LSAT without getting in trouble? I saw this on reddit but I always assumed we couldn’t.


  • Publiclydisplayedname-1Publiclydisplayedname-1 Monthly Member
    182 karma

    Yes, LSAC confirmed that you can
    This was their response to me few months ago:

    Thank you for writing. This is to confirm the CTRL + F (Find) functions is permitted while taking the LSAT.

  • PatBackkPatBackk Monthly Member
    198 karma

    Thank you!

  • lsatprep2021lsatprep2021 Alum Member
    11 karma

    Does this still work on MAC's? Since we have to input " Command + F" and not Cntrl F?

  • vspicy23vspicy23 Alum Member
    190 karma

    @lsatprep2021 lol yes it does! i'v done it

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