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Losing my damn mind

Parilyzed_Parilyzed_ Alum Member
edited January 12 in General 51 karma

Alright, 7Sage Fam.
A little backstory: I cannot wrap my head around the logic of reasoning or grouping games. I've been at it for two years now, and I've tried anything and everything to improve my score WHICH JUST WONT BUDGE. And its okay. I've told myself, its not about giving up because this test is going to dictate the future but about accepting who it is I am, where it is I am at in life, and where it is I will go. CUE ANXIETY

YES. I AM LOSING MY MIND. But i've always been losing it, and I think its fine to be a little crazy. That's what makes you unique. Remember that you are more than a three digit number that sits between 120 and 180. To those that are in the 140s and 150s, keep at it. Not to say your score will go up or down, but this is to say you should keep in mind the several components that are on the law school application. Make yourself stand out. As a student with a bachelors and two masters degrees, applying to law school with working experience makes me feel I am more than a number. Remind yourself of this every morning that you are just the same. A number does not define you but your experience, your background , your will to succeed in being a lawyer for the community around you does.

This is for those that feel they are losing hope. My message to you is simple: DONT LOSE HOPE. As a die hard Lakers fan, I always ask myself, what would Kobe do? If I can keep at this stupid ass test, and still fight for my right to be admitted during my first law school admissions cycle this year, then so can you. Keep pushing. Life is beautiful and it has more in store for you than you (and I) could ever imagine.

For those of you scoring your desired goals, congratulations! Y'all make me proud. I am happy for you. Hopefully one day, when all of us former 7Sagers are meeting in a courtroom, we can talk about the discussion threads we met and rallied each other on. You are all a part of my inspiration to keep pushing and striving, but staying unique to me. I respect your ability to nail this test, its hard as fuck.

Good luck to the rest of you that are taking the test this coming weekend. Grind it out through Thursday, go get some ice cream Friday, and on Saturday, bring your A Game. As King Leonidus (played by Gerard Butler) says in '300', "Remember this day forever, for it will belong to YOU for all time." And it will. You will make it to break the game. Lets fucking do this shit.


  • buosiae1buosiae1 Alum Member
    11 karma

    I literally just cried reading this. I have been trying to break into the 160s and I just haven't yet. thank you so much for this. <3

  • ledkarlyledkarly Alum Member
    483 karma

    you are UNSTOPPABLE!

  • jeffreycashdollarjeffreycashdollar Alum Member
    25 karma

    Dude, so well said and I’m one of those 140/150 guys…I needed that!

  • 6jellies6jellies Monthly Member
    4 karma

    Thank you! Good luck everyone!

  • FutureEsqFutureEsq Member
    105 karma

    LETS FUCKING GOOOOO. Getting wine drunk after this tell you guys, catch me with my glass of wine throwing myself into this damn snow. YEET!

  • alexB2021alexB2021 Monthly Member
    edited January 12 11 karma

    Brought tears to my eyes as well! I love the positivity on this site... everyone please remember the LSAT is only measuring a very limited set of skills, and is IN NO WAY determinative of how great of a lawyer (or human being) you can be. We are all made up of so much more than our logical reasoning skills. Other qualities may be less valued in the law school application process, but will matter far more in the long-term.


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