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Only takes one

FutureEsqFutureEsq Member
edited January 2022 in General 105 karma

With the January test coming up this weekend I just wanted to throw something out there to give us hope. I was giving up hope but my brother and partner told me something that I'd like to share with you guys. "as long as you keep your mind in the right place you can do this, you have come too far to give up now, manifest that shit and it will happen!" Lets manifest this shit, the LSAT is hard as hell but we got this! Never give up, don't lose hope. I saw this on quote on Instagram a few days ago, "you don't need to get into EVERY law school to become a lawyer. All it takes is ONE."

We got this guys!!


  • Darien022Darien022 Member
    129 karma

    Word. Lets get it.

  • emmorensemmorens Core Member
    1470 karma

    Thank you for this! I took a PT last week and felt like I had not performed my best on a section, it turns out that I didn't perform my best on that section; but I was still able to achieve my goal score by making it up in the other two.

    A reminder that each new section is a new opportunity to perform and try your very best, giving up in the middle of the exam because you feel like you may have performed poorly is how the LSAT writers win!

    Good luck everyone!

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