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Question: Should I toggle "simulate flex" while taking prep tests?

10trent3310trent33 Alum Member
in General 65 karma

Hi all. I know that there will be 4 sections on the real LSAT, with 3 being scored and 1 being experimental. However, the default option for taking prep tests gives you 4 scored versions. Would you guys recommend taking the flex test (which would perhaps lead to a more accurate score?) or taking the regular version to more accurately simulate the endurance required for the real test? I am leaning towards the latter option, but I know LR is my strong suit, and I don't want to give myself false confidence with the benefit of a higher % of my total score coming from LR. Thank you!


  • 5Fennel LSAT5Fennel LSAT Member
    192 karma

    You should take all 4 sections. It is still important to develop mental endurance and be acclimated to the rhythm of the real test. And it could be detrimental to discard 25% of your practice materials as well.

    The 4 section score can be easily converted anyway and if you really want to mitigate any risk of false confidence, input the worse score of your 2 LR sections.

  • Pretzel LogicPretzel Logic Member
    227 karma

    Agree with above. You should build up your mental muscle memory, which helps with being able to handle the stress and fatigue over 4 sections. GL!

  • mesposito886mesposito886 Member
    254 karma

    I used the stimulate flex option while taking prep tests. While the comments above make a good point about working on your endurance, you don't know whether or not you will actually receive two logical reasoning sections come test day. I recommend keeping a random section from another test in a different tab and inserting it into your test as the "experimental". Switch it around so you get used to having LR, LG, and RC experimental sections - in different orders as well. For example, sometimes I would place an experimental RC right after the real RC section (back-to-back RCs do happen) to help me build my stamina.

  • c.hipmunkc.hipmunk Member
    17 karma

    What I've been doing is stimulating the Flex, and before I start, I create a problem set with the remaining section, then take all 4 in a row. That way, my score is accurate and I am still practicing a full length test!

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