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Flaw questions masked as NA questions

GoLSATGoGoLSATGo Alum Member
in General 84 karma
I was just wondering how I can automatically pick up on when a flaw question is really a necessary assumption question in disguise. Do arguments with the question stem "this argument is flawed because it takes for granted that" often contain a NA element? Help!


  • Alex ShortAlex Short Alum Member
    edited December 2015 112 karma
    hmmm the nature of your question is a bit confusing, but perhaps I just don't understand.

    Any stimulus that is followed by "this argument is flawed because it takes for granted" is a Flaw question, which are referred to as Flaw/Descriptive Weakening questions. They are looking for an articulation of the flaw that the argument fallaciously uses to reach its conclusion.

    Necessary Assumption questions ask "which of the following is something on which the argument depends?" Or sometimes they use the word "requires" instead of "depends". Either way, it's look for an answer choice that must be true in order for the conclusion of the argument to be true. It must be something that is necessary for the argument.

    Not sure what you mean by a flaw argument in disguise or anything like that. All LR questions can be classified as 1) arguments or 2) data sets. Nothing is disguised really. All NA questions will have a flaw within the stimulus, but be careful as that is not the same as a question looking for the flaw to be articulated.

    Let me know if you've got any other questions. Good luck!
  • equallyyokedequallyyoked Alum Member
    142 karma

    i think thats just a flaw question.

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Alum Member Sage 🍌
    27159 karma

    That would be properly classified as a flaw question, but you are onto something important. NA questions do require flawed arguments, and the difference between a Flaw and NA question may not always be a particularly meaningful one. An NA question can normally (maybe always?) be switched to a Flaw question by just tacking on something like you're asking about to the front of the answer choice. Taking a necessary assumption as true without warrant is a Flaw. So the difference between question types can be purely cosmetic sometimes. Similar thing can be said of other question types that require flawed arguments like Strengthen and Weaken.

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