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Study group for EST?

bellarandazzo52bellarandazzo52 Core Member

Hi all,
Any fellow LSATers planning to take August 2022?
Looking for EST and evenings!


  • ncaputoncaputo Free Trial Member
    25 karma

    Hi! I won’t be taking the test until September/October but if the slightly diff timelines aren’t an issue I’d love to study! I’m also in ET and evenings totally work for me !

  • cklomoooooo-1cklomoooooo-1 Member
    128 karma

    I am! Let me know if you are still looking for a study buddy!

  • bellarandazzo52bellarandazzo52 Core Member
    15 karma

    Hi, I still am! Let me know how we should chat and go further from here, looking forward to meeting you both

  • nicole_98nicole_98 Core Member
    edited February 2022 53 karma

    Just messaged you!!

  • latinx33456latinx33456 Core Member
    139 karma

    I am!

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