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I have no idea how to improve my LR score

pegahnasrollpegahnasroll Member
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Hi everyone!

I am having a lot of trouble with my logic reasoning section. I usually only miss 1-4 questions on LR and RC really depends, but my LR is always my most missed section missing around 10-14 questions. I really don't know what to focus on. I've done the core lessons and almost all of the lessons on LR, and im just not sure how else to improve my score in this section and im starting to feel like a lost cause. Is there any recommendations or tips anyone use to improve in this section? I take the march LSAT so I just want some tips and tricks to help me before that exam.


  • kwillar9kwillar9 Member
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    If you feel you have time, maybe power through Ellen Cassidy's Loophole. It's like $30 on Amazon. It seemed to help me quite a bit.

  • AryanSingh-1AryanSingh-1 Member
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    Hey you can do it!. I started with -16 on LR i am down to -4. I use Manhattan prep forum complementing with JY review. Find GAP, you have to.. and LR comes down to just few basic concept. Term shift, correlation -causation, etc. Ultimately, you have to broaden your thinking, so first thing of all possibility to deny/support conclusion, then look at JY explanation and Manhattan prep forum (explains entire LR in writing). Try it

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    The biggest problem for me was overemphasis on standardizing this section. For example, I would learn all of the different approaches and try to explicitly implement them during the test/section. I found my greatest improvement came from taking a break, internalizing those different strategies, and I was left with only the important stuff! I ultimately ended up scoring anywhere from -0 to -2 by the time I took my last official test. Feel free to DM for anymore advice!

  • Right now I'm scoring -1/-0.

    I second all of the above - Loophole is a great resource. Additionally, you really need to work in breaks into your study schedule so your brain has time to integrate the concepts you have learned.

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