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Logic game studying tips

lizv4675-2lizv4675-2 Alum Member
in Logic Games 24 karma

Hello guys,
I have been doing some drill sets for logical games and I have been taking my time to work through them. Sometimes I do 100% more time and I do really well. I was wondering if you guys recommend taking your time or timing yourself to see how well you can do. I feel like I take way too long and am wondering when I should progress to the timed ones.



  • Scott MilamScott Milam Member Administrator Moderator Sage 7Sage Tutor
    1240 karma

    Once you have the basics down and understand how to construct the boards, you should start timing yourself.

    The problem with extended, untimed practice is that it can encourage you to develop strategies that work in an untimed environment (e.g. multiplying game boards) that don’t work under timed conditions. You will then have to spend time and energy unlearning those strategies and developing new techniques that help you deal with the time crunch.

  • kanel1995kanel1995 Alum Member
    226 karma

    I agree with Scott above. Once I got the basics down and started working towards mastering, which I still am, I'd do each LG section timed just to see how I'd perform under such conditions. After that initial timed section, I would keep playing untimed to really master all the games in that section. I think this approach worked for. Good luck!

  • woahhhbrowoahhhbro Alum Member
    35 karma

    Personally I always do practice sets timed and then blind review following which allows you to both check your speed and also be able to check your fundamental understanding

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